Sunday, 24 November 2013

An electrifying prospect?

It seems that the world is not yet ready for electric car racing, particularly to judge by the reaction at the end of the article:

The new formula has its inherent hilarities - swapping cars half way through isn't going to convince the sceptics - but I think we should give it a chance. Motor racing has always improved the breed.

100 years ago cars had riding mechanics, among whose duties was pressurising the fuel to keep the engine running - we developed fuel pumps to do the job! Today we take disc brakes for granted - developed in the fifties on the Le Mans Jaguars of course. Who knows where the KERS/ERS/Hybrid systems of F1 and WEC cars will lead? 

At the moment electric cars are a joke. But then again so was the internal combustion engine, and it hasn't done us too badly. So I say give the race series a chance and let motor racing lead the way in transport technology again. 

One further point comes to mind...if electric car racing appeases race track neighbours and keeps circuits open, then I'll race electric cars! Although by then of course I'll be limited to those old people's scooters that seem to be everywhere. Now there's a thought for my dotage...