Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Of Princess Diana, Snow and Trotting Turkeys

So here I am, just days away from my TKM racing debut and the country is set to be "swept by Arctic storms", when temperatures "plunge" below zero and we suffer "the worst winter for decades". Shrugging I turn the page of the newspaper to be told that Princess Diana was murdered because she wanted to force down the price of houses...ah yes, it's the Daily Express, so it's going to be a balmy weekend then!

All of which is my Express-esque method of getting an attention-grabbing headline myself!

So, I'm days away from my TKM debut and am I ready? What do you think? My race kit is strewn all over the house and Racewear Towers, the kart is in pieces in the trailer and the engine is in Cornwall. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all come good on Saturday or Sunday.

Actually it's not my TKM *debut* having raced a few times in Club 100 endurance races, but I'm entering as a Novice because I don't fancy starting my first sprint race from pole. I'll be quite happy concentrating on not getting lapped and seeing if I can bring my lap times down every lap - just like I tell all my ARKS candidates. I don't expect to be competitive on an old Venom, and if it goes well perhaps I'll get promoted to the Alonso or something similar? Testing went OK, the biggest laugh I gave the assembled multitude wasn't my lack of pace but my lack of Space...squeezing my legs onto a kart we decided was too small for Alex 12 months ago certainly caused a chuckle or two. Please Jo, fill up the memory card before the STKM race ;-)

It's been quite a road to get here - every time I thought I'd get a start, something went wrong with Alex's kart so my entry fee gently disappeared. Finally it's come together in a perfect storm - Alex's Junior engines are no longer competitive, the new Senior Lightweights don't come into being for another month and we have bought an Extreme engine off Team Gamble so it's now or never. Am I looking forward to it? YOU BET!

Some pics from my last attempt at TKM. Yes it does only have three wheels.

Here's hoping I don't repeat that on Sunday :-) Turkey Trot, here we come!