Saturday, 21 December 2013

Le Midgetmax est mort, vive le Midgetmax

Its with great regret we report the passing of Midgetmax.

In truth, Midgetmax has done sterling service but should have been pensioned off years ago, when I sold my final MG Midget racer and ephemera of years of Midgeting. Through the 924 years (that sounds so long, in truth I only raced it once!) I clung to the moniker because, well, "you never know."

Midgetmax was my screen name on eBay when I started buying parts. It became my trading name when I bought, broke and sold MG Midgets and I own the URL, this blog is under the name of midgetmaxracing and I still have a midgetmax blog somewhere, so it's kind of grown. Oh I think there are a few "forums" I use various forms of the name but probably the less said about those the better. Ahem!

As an aside, despite being an avid MGCC man and therefore steeped in the history of "Midgets" the only Midget I actually owned was my RWA FISC car which ended life embedded in the tyre wall at Zandvoort. Not my fault, honest, I wasn't even in the same country at the time LOL. Everything else I've run has been an Austin Healey Sprite - such is the way of the world!

NB for those that don't understand these acronyms, Google them.

So what's caused the end of Midgetmax? Simples - the purchase of an old Tonykart EVX kart! I now have NO racing cars around the place but THREE karts and one of them purchased with me specifically in mind! Woohoo! I found it on Fleabay last week, made an offer and went to Derbyshire on Thursday to collect it. Pretty good nick, I'm just waiting for the rain to ease off so I can get it prepped for its first school day on 4th January, and I may even get the chance to sample it myself - looking forward to that ;-) 

S-o-o three years ago we bought an old kart "just for Alex to have a go on". Today we've got 3, a big box trailer, gin palace awning and we run a racing team. Funny how things go.

As for the name...TonykartMax doesn't sound right so I thought of TKMax but it appears someone's beaten me to it so...

Le Midgetmax est mort, vive le Midgetmax

And anyway, I'm too tight to buy a new URL!

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